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Other materials

blast-block, jam-block, woodblock

The iron cowbells and gongs (or "tam-tam", Thai: bronze disc with curved edges, Chinese: completely flat and Balinese with a dome in the middle), "wood-blocks" (solid piece of wood with suspended tambourines without skin Jingle ring (for hi-hat rod) and Cyclops LP a slot for resonance) and various other ethnic percussion have been included from the beginning into the modern drum kit, which in reality has no limitation in the constitution of its set.

It was only since the 1950s that its shape is standardized with cymbals, toms and snare and bass drum exclusively, but many drummers ever have perpetuated this instrumental freedom until today.

agogo bells

Among others, I want to quote Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez which are commonly used in his set, 4 cowbells ("cow bell"), in which one played by the left foot thanks to a special stand and a bass drum pedal, a wood-block, a jam block (plastic wood-block), a gong, a suspended tambourine without skin, bongos (as high toms, above the bass drum) and a suspended Latin timbal.

afro-cuban bongo cowbell (brand LP) on bass drum rim clamp wood block (rectangular parallelepiped in lacquered ash wood (brand Salto)) hited by drumset stick

blast block (demi-cylindrical in plastic, yellow here (small), brand LP) hited by drumset stick

jam block (octogonal in plastic, red here (medium size) brand LP) hited by drumset stick

suspended tambourine without skin ("cyclops" (with plastic almond-shaped frame and steel "cymbalettes") brand LP) hited by drumset stick

agogo bell (double conical Brazilian bells here truncated (open on each side) and linked by cylindrical curved welded stem, in chromed steel and medium size) hited by drumset stick

cowbell (afro-cuban bell: pyramidal with rectangular base truncated shaped) here "bongo" (large) suspendable (painted steel, brand LP) hited by drumset stick shaft on opening edge

same hited by drumset stick on the flat

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